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KABA RANCH is currently located on 43 beautiful acres of land in Santa Rosa, California thanks to the generous support of Mr. Joel Dirkin.  Still in its development stage, yet a functioning ranch and farm, KABA is growing its community spirit by hosting events such as Quincinera’s, Weddings, Birthday Parties, Retreats, and other Cultural Events. Children and Young Adults are the main focus at KABA RANCH and that is why we established the KABA RANCH AND FARM APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM INC a non-profit organization that offers the youth an approach to learning about ranching and farming in a safe and accessible location. Our concept is a “village” program where young people can find their niche in either farming, animal husbandry, basic mechanics, or various handiworks. At KABA we practice and promote regenerative agriculture, sustainability, accountability, and harmony.

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Horseback Riding  |  Lessons  |  Horsemanship | 

  Arena & Round Pen  |  Clinics  |  Trail Course  |  Horse Camping & Trail Tours

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