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Aka Kadee Imenuwat 


Shepherdess of the Land and Mother to the Farmily. Kadee is the spirit that permits and allows many beings to come together in a cohesive way at KABA Ranch. She is established on her path and focused on co-managing the menagerie of critters that “Bah”, “Ney”, “Moo” and “Crow” on the land. She gives horseback riding lessons, farm tours, and spiritual guidance. 

Kevin Osborn

Rancher/Farmer Co-Manager

Co-Manager of KABA RANCH with extensive experience as a rancher. Kevin is an Oakland Native, Cowboy Extraordinaire, who has kept a herd of cattle for the last 30 years. He is a literal Trail Blazer and Guide with hundreds of miles in the saddle. A true healer that can fix anything mechanical or animal. Always truck and trailer ready!

Kev & Mahata.jpg

Ras Wadadah Selassie

Elder/Counselor/“Griot” - Story Teller

Elders have a respected place at the top of the hierarchy and you can see that with the animals and all beings in nature. In his 80’s and still young at heart, Wadadah brings strength and common sense to every question asked. He loves to tell his story, his “Americana”.

"The Farmily"

Don Dada

"Big Boss"

A pure bred Angus Show Bull who has fathered a herd of good looking cattle. Don Dada is a real gentleman, a calm bull with a quiet and gentle mind. Don Dada loves to be hand fed, scratched and gives great big hugs. Don Dada is not your typical bull, he’s a real sweet guy!


"Chief of Security"

Kawliga watches who comes and goes on KABA RANCH. No one can get past Kawliga’s senses, she is one serious and vigilant mule.

I wouldn’t “mess” with Kawliga! 


Manager Min

Orange Tabby’s are known for their intelligence, that’s why “Min” is “The Manager” of KABA RANCH. Min is everywhere and she inspects everything and everyone who enters the ranch. Wherever you go, there is Min. We all take our orders from “Min”.

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